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The PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

Welcome to Bishop Thornton’s PTA.
The PTA aims to bring together parents, carers, teachers, pupils and the local community for social events. Most of these raise money to provide items for the school that otherwise would not be available to the children. For example in the past year the PTA has raised money for iPads, mushroom seating & table for the quiet area, a trip to the theatre, Espresso a computer interactive system for use both in school & at home.

Committee Members
Lynn Hutchison  Chair
 Charlotte Jennings  Treasurer
 Katie Whitaker  Secretary
Other members of the committee
Charlotte Cryer  Jenny Daly
Katie Ward Caroline Smith
Fiona Roberts Weem Whitaker
Beverley Smith-Hodgkinson


Thank you!
The PTA would like to say a big thank you to our wonderful school community and friends of the school for all their support in fundraising. If it wasn’t for you, our events wouldn’t be a big success.