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Class 2

Autumn Term 2016

Please view the document below to see what we are learning about.


This half term, we have had a great deal of fun learning all about Ancient Egypt, how they lived and all about the customs and practices of this fascinating ancient civilisation.


The year 5 and 6 pupils had an amazing time challenging themselves, discovering new skills and conquering any apprehension during the residential at Robinwood in September.


We are mastering maths, using apparatus, formal methods and problem solving to become proficient mathematicians.


This half term, we have studied and performed T. S. Eliot’s Macavity and explored other characters from the book Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. We have been inspired to produce our own wonderfully descriptive poems depicting all manner of weird and wonderful cats .


We have been exploring sound, how it’s made, how different sounds are created and how we hear them. We have particularly enjoyed our practical experiments during these lessons.

Spring Term 2016

Please view the document below to see what we are learning about.

Autumn Term 2015

Science - Forces. 

We had fun learning practically about the two forces upthrust and gravity...

Summer Term 2015

Anglo - Saxons - we launched our topic by learning about how the Anglo Saxons protected themselves. We designed and created our own Anglo - Saxon helmets and learnt about why they wanted to settle in Britain.

Hot-Seating in Literacy - We have been developing our interviewing techniques.


Class 2 Science Day - We investigated which materials dissolved in water. We also continued our learning by making salt crystals. 

Spring Term 2015

Robinwood Residential 2015 - We had a fabulous time at Robinwood, look at all the fun activities we carried out!

Autumn Term 2014

Bronze Age Pottery 

In History we have been learning about the Stoen Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. In Art we made our own Bronze Age beaker pots out of clay. We then engraved a range of designs onto our pots by using a range of clay tools.

Literacy - Play scripts

We have been learning how to write play scripts effectively. We created and wrote our own plays. Then after carefully assessing our work we dramatized particular scenes by working with others and we performed them to an audience. Our expression, gestures and careful attention to stage directions added to the overall effectiveness of our work.

Class 2 Buddies

The older children are always there to give a helping hand, especially towards our new Reception children. Georgi Houseman, one of our buddies, helps Caitlin and Sophia through a range of activities such as supporting, helping and guiding them at dinner time and break times.  Georgi and Sophia both look very happy together!


Swimming Gala at the Hydro

We had lots of fun at the Hydro, swimming against 19 other schools. We enjoyed every minute!

Science - Light

We enjoyed investigating how shadows change in size and direction over the course of the day. Some of our shadows increased and decreased over 1m in length between certain times of the day. Take a look at our image gallery....

Nidderdale High School Football tournament 

We enjoyed a fabulous afternoon playing football against other local schools. Well done Y5/6 for coming 3rd and also to Jacob Pickering and William Jennings for obtaining an Honesty band and Kitty Hutchinson for obtaining a Passion and Determination band! You were all excellent role models!


Children, parents, staff and governors all came together to raise money for the Sport Relief charity. We wore red, participated in team games invented by the children in Class 2 and finished off by running the Sport Relief mile in the field. What a brilliant afternoon!

Summer Term 2014

Science - Y3/4 - The Water Cycle

The children have been learning about the different stages of the water cycle; evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. Here are some of their 3D water cycle models......

Science - Y5/6 - Plants

The children have been learning about the different parts of a plant. They used microscopes to find and identify the different parts of the flower such as the petals, stigma, style, ovary, anther and filament. They then created observational drawings of these and included information about each part.


We enjoyed using mosaic tiles to create South American animals. Below you shall find some examples of the animal designs the children created; a toucan, parrot, tiger and a fish. For our final design we used grout and adhesive to secure the mosaics in place.

Spring Term 2014

Please view the document below to see what we are learning about.

The children in Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a Nidderdale High School taster day where they designed Aboriginal Australian buffalo skins which told a story.  They also played basket ball in their hall and in the afternoon they made fridge magnets out of wood in a CDT lesson.

Here at Bishop Thornton School we are so lucky to have five pupils who are also choristers at Ripon Cathedral! James, Joss, William, Thomas and Kitty hosted a spectacular assembly for us where we all were able to learn about their lives out of school. They told us about what they do, about the important people who help them as well as showing off their talent - singing! 

Autumn Term 2013

We had fun attending Nidderdale High School for cross country! William Jennings in Y4 came 10th out of 192 pupils! Well done to all who took part!

What an exciting first week back we have had after the summer holidays, in Literacy we have been learning about 'The Secret Dancer' and writing character descriptions and settings. We visited Leeds Art Gallery in order to observe and sketch a range of sculptures. This would help us write our own stories about sculptures coming to life! We also visited their library, where we were able to look at so many wonderful books on sculptures.

Summer Term 2013

Please view the document below to see what we are learning about.

Our Topic this term is the Second World War. We visited Eden Camp to find out more. 

We were interested to see what it might have been like inside an Anderson Shelter. 

Jack enjoyed being a soldier!


Back in school we used clay to make replica models of some of the British and German aircraft used during the war and used our knowledge of nets to make hangers which were the correct size to keep them in.

Spring Term 2013

Class 2 Science Day!


Will and Holly investigate the temperature of a potato after wrapping it in black cord.

A few more of our science investigation...

Summer Term 2012

Class 2 have been learning about their bodies in the run up to the Olympics. In Science, we have been focusing on pulse rate. We have been investigating the effect different exercises have on our body and the time our body takes to recover from these different exercises.

To help us prepare for these investigations we used the ‘Get in the zone’ website and our Get into the Zone Science kits which included; Stupendous Stethoscopes, Tip Top Timers, Pace Perfect Pedometer.

Class 2 enjoyed a wonderful outing to Harrogate Golf Club where they had the opportunity to work alongside golf professionals. They had the opportunity to do some putting, chipping and target shots. Some children got a whole in one and others a birdie!!!