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Class 1 - Autumn Term 2016

Welcome to Class 1.

We are a mixed age class of Reception, Y1 and Y2 children. Our teacher is Mrs Ward with Mrs Shaw and Miss Arthur as teaching assistants.

We love learning practically, exploring and investigating our environment inside and out.

We enjoy our topic work and love it when our literacy and numeracy are linked with it. We all enjoy challenges and love to be set tasks and hard work!

If you come into our classroom you will see we are hardworking, friendly, chatty and fun! We work really well as a team, helping each other out and supporting each other in whatever we do.

Topic of Habitats

This half term we have been exploring living things and their habitats. One of our investigations involved testing where woodlice prefer to live. We designed our own habitats to test and used a timer to keep it fair. We recorded where the woodlice was after every minute. We were not surprised that mud and sticks was the favourite as we had done lots of work about habitats. We could explain why the woodlice liked it there to.

Design Technology

In DT we have been investigating, evaluating, designing and making puppets. We made mini versions to test our joining skills and have been working hard practising our sewing. We are thrilled with the way they have turned out.


The new Reception children have been developing their early number skills. Working practically using lots of different objects to help them.


In PE we have worked with Miss Kilburn from Sporting Influence, to develop our team work skills through a range of outdoor adventurous activities. We have been map reading, orienteering and team building in lots of different and fun ways.

Summer 2016

See what we are going to be learning about.

Super Subtraction and Awesome Addition

The Reception children have been amazing us all with their number skills!

World Book Day 2016

We all enjoyed our World Book Day celbration. Sam prepared us a very specialtreasure hunt based on his favourite Peter Rabbit story. 

A Right Royal Tea Party!!

We had a very exciting and interesting visit from a former chef of the Queen. He told us all about what it was like to live in Buckingham Palace and how kind the Queen was to him. He showed us notebooks that the Queen had written in and shared her favorite foods with us. 

We were o inspired by his visit we decided to plan a royal tea party of our own. Here are some photos of all the hard work we did to prepare.

Spring 2016

Please see the document below to see what we are learning about this term

Autumn 2015

Please see the document below to see what we are learning about this term

Our new starters have settled in wonderfully. They have enjoyed exploring their new classroom indoors and out.

We have loved trying out the new ride-ons!

We have all been working very hard to create a mud kitchen in our outdoor are. What a great team!!!

Spring 2015

We have been learning all about algorithms. We can now plan, program and fix problems with the beebots.


Class 1 visited Valley Gardens this week. We used the grounds to practice or map reading skills, following a treasure trail that led us all over the place! We also used the opportunity to finish off our work on forces. We investigated all how much of the play equipment required a push or a pull. We pulled ourselves up the netting, pushed our friends on the roundabout and pulled the zipwire back to take turns. We also had a lot of fun at the same time!

Investigating what happens when we change materials by bending, stretching, twisting and rolling.

Measuring capcity, length and weight.

We have been learning all about mesuing. The children have measured ingredients like 'dragon's blood', 'monkey snot' and 'fairy sparkle to create potions that make you fly, give you super hero strength or turn you into a fairy! The Reception children have used language such as heavier and lighter to to describe the weight of objects, while the older children have been investigating if 'the tallest person in our class has the biggest feet'. 

Autumn 2014

Making patterns and sorting shapes!

Enjoying competing against other schools in the Infant Agility at Nidderdale High School

We visited Harewood House to explore the habitats of the birds there. We discovered lots of ways they adapt to their environment. We also went on a habitat hunt in the woods, looking for signs of animal life. 

Look at the beautiful Magic Porridge Pots that we designed and made!

We are all interested in dinosaurs in Class 1! In maths we used them to inspire our measuring skills. The younger children measured using cubes whilst the older ones used cms to measure our small world dinosaurs. The Y2 boys drew some very big lines on the playground to show us how long they would have been in metres if we met one in real life.

In literacy we have been reading the story of The Magic Porridge Pot. The children in Year 2 wrote their own versions of the story. We all designed and then made our own magic pots. We used clay and thought very carefully about our designs.

Our new starters are settling in brilliantly. Having fun, making new friends and learning lots of new things!

Summer 2014


Children, parents, staff and governors all came together to raise money for the Sport Relief charity. We wore red, participated in team games invented by the children in Class 2 and finished off by running the Sport Relief mile in the field. What a brilliant afternoon! 

We have been practising reading and following instructions in literacy. We made pirate hats by carefully listening to the instructions and doing them in the right order. Then we hunted for the bossy verbs!


Class 1 have been very busy evaluating, tasting and designing tropical drinks. We looked at the packaging, scored the drinks out of ten and then designed our own. We asked parents, governors and Class 2 to taste our drinks and tell us what they thought. We used this information to make graphs in maths.

Holly was very excited to come back to school and find we have a rainforest in our classroom!


Autumn Term 2013 - 2014

In PE we experimented with ribbons to help us create a beautiful snowflake dance. We swirled and whilred around the classroom like a real snowstorm!

We have being reading traditional tales in our literacy lessons. Reef and Sophia made story boxes. Can you guess who their box belongs to? 

Sophia also enjoyed reading outside in our igloo. 

The Reception and Y1 children worked with the beebots. They all worked together to program them to do a synchronised 'dance' to music. The rest of us were very impressed with the dance, and their teamwork!!


We visited Leeds art gallery as part of our work on sculptures. We used the sculptures as inspiration for our story writing. We drew a storyboard showing what would happen if the sculptures came to life!

In Class 1 we like our walls to be full of colourful displays. These help people to see our hard work and show what we have been learning.

We visited our local church. We spent time sketching and drawing the features that interested us inside and outside the church.

Summer Term 2013

Please view the document below, to see what we are going to be learning about. 

Science Day.

We spent all day investigating how materials can be changed through heating and cooling.

Jacob soon found out what happened to chocolate when it got warm!

Kitty found out what happened to cheese when we heated it up in the microwave. We couldn't believe how far it could stretch!

Spring Term 2013

We went to Harlow Carr gardens looking for minibeasts

Class 1 love practical, fun and exciting maths lessons!!

Learning how to do division is fun. We like to use lots of different ways to help us learn. We work well together when we are measuring. We love having our own ideas and trying things out. 


We love learning outdoors!!

We all had to search hard to find enough worms to fill our wormery.